Fibreglass resin composites are used as a perfect protection for anti-corrosion insulations during directional drilling (HDD, Direct Pipe) as a part of pipeline laying process. Outer diameters: from 88.9 to 1,220 mm, pipe length from 6 to 16 m.

Fabrication according to the National Technical Assessment or customer’s specification. Pipelines are particularly exposed to mechanical damage which may occur during directional drilling, ramming or other trenchless methods used in projects executed in difficult site conditions where very high loads exerted on the pipeline by the soil are expected. Use PROMGLASS® composite to protect your anti-corrosion insulation.

PROMGLASS® (standard)

Factory-applied PROMGLASS® fibreglass resin composite is composed of bands of glass fibre of proper basis weight and width, soaked with resin with properly composed additives. The production process ensures high compactness of the coating and eliminates the risk of delamination or separation.


PROMGLASS® Super Bond is a new and innovative solution in the European market.

PROMGLASS® Super Bond offers innovative chemical bond to the anti-corrosion insulation surface to ensure good adhesion on every square centimetre. PROMGLASS® Super Bond has all the mechanical properties of standard composites with an extra shear strength of the value exceeding 100 N/cm2 and chemical adhesion over the whole area of the insulation surface.

Strength tests of PROMGLASS® composite

Strength tests include: bend tests, tensile tests, compression tests, hardness tests and shearing tests. The measurements were carried out at the Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry Ltd., Material Research Laboratory

Declared performance:

  • Minimum thickness of the composite: 1 mm,
  • Impact strength of the composite: more than 10 J/mm,
  • Resistance to low temperature and mechanical impact: more than 5 J/mm,
  • Resistance to denting: more than 0.05 mm,
  • Tear resistance: more than 75 Mpa,
  • Flexibility of the composite: min. 100 Mpa,
  • Shore hardness “D”: more than 65,
  • Shear strength
    • PROMGLASS®: more than 50 N/cm2>
    • PROMGLASS®Super-Bond: more than 100 N/cm2 (for diameters of DN 300
      and more)