Fibre cement coating for mechanical protection of polyolefin-coated pipes. Outer fibre cement layer is intended to protect polyolefin coatings from damage when:

  • laying pipes in stony ground,
  • placing the pipe bedding material,
  • backfilling the trench with stony or crushed-rock material with sharp edges.

Protecting the pipes with cement coating during a gas pipeline construction will fully eliminate the need to use sand bedding. Outer diameters: from 114.3 to 1,220 mm, pipe length: from 6 to 14 m. Fabrication acc. to DVGW GW 340 or customer’s specification.

This coating helps to save project implementation time and significantly reduces any logistic costs. It will also considerably affect the environmental protection to eliminate the need of replacing the original soil with additional bedding. We hold the product certificate and the technical approval.

Cement mortar coating provides:

  • Mechanical protection of the anti-corrosion insulation
  • Reduction of costs related to the use of sand bedding
  • Reduction of costs related to environmental protection
  • Streamlining the work in mountains or environmentally-protected areas.

Declared performance:

  • Coat thickness: min. 7 mm,
  • Compressive strength: min. 25 MPa,
  • Bending strength: min. 2.5 MPa,
  • Mortar shrinkage: max. 2 mm/m
  • Impact strength: no cracks or spalls, impact energy 150 N,
  • Surface quality: uniform, even coating, max. allowed deviation: 4mm